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3196Great test plate for Vernon colors

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  • Michael Pfeffer
    Mar 10, 2003
      Hello all,
      It's your old pal Wekeula. Just wanted to share a great piece that I got on ebay recently. It is a sample plate for Vernon, 9.5 inch luncheon in Ultra. It has half the plate done with the lighter pink transer and half with the medium pink transfer, both in Hawaiian Flowers. What is interesting is that the back has "Z-1765" for the light pink, and "Straight Pink" for the darker shade. When held up to a true maroon piece it is clear that they are three different colors. I think that this shows that what people sometimes call a lighter maroon transfer are, in reality, "straight pink" and that the lighter stuff is another color that they also produced. It is my belief that the transfers dont fade and that they were produced pretty much true to color so any variation is likely to be a different color, especially if you find it in more than one piece. Pretty cool to find a plate like that, in Minnesota of all places.

      Aloha to all,
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      You simply have all the luck! The more bits and pieces of DB's life
      we can find, the better we can get to know him.

      In transcribing the thesis, I'm finding little details that I
      overlooked while just reading it.

      So what was the plate?


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