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  • tjmarkle@earthlink.net
    Mar 9, 2003
      While attending a small antique show in Dixon Ca, I saw a vendor with DB plate for sale. Not interested in the plate but seeking info, I asked her where she got it. She went into a story about meeting DB when she was 4 years old and always remembered him because he teased her and played games with her. She also has some of DB's Carmel household momento's that he gave away to special friends when he abruptly left Carmel. It turns out that this vendor stayed overnight frequently at DB's home in Carmel as she was related to Mitzie (Are you a Bug - puppet show) and thus spent lots of time there. This vendor doesn't have a lot of new info because she was so young, but I thought it just so incredibly accidental that she was there when I was there. She is now going to check out everything she owns to search for a drawing she has or had of some funny things DB drew for her as a child. She is aware of Keith's site but was not aware of Cadia's. She now know who we are and what we are doing. After I meet with her and photo her momento's and get the whole story (if there is more), I'll fill you all in. And so, when you see something Blanding where ever you are, it pays to introduce yourself and ask questions. She and her family might be interested in donating their momento's to a museum if we can coordinate something in the future....what fun...tj
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