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3181Tracking DB, day by day

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  • Cadia Los <duchess@speakeasy.org>
    Jan 31, 2003
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      With a view toward tracking's DB's whereabouts, day by day, I'm
      starting a database (on my computer, not here yet) of signed books
      that include a date and/or a place in the inscription.

      Would you take a few minutes to examine any DB titles you have and
      let me know:

      Date Signed
      Place Signed
      Book Title
      Edition or Printing (include month & year)
      Year Published
      Notes (goofus bird? page signed?)
      Source of Info (your name; date and place acquired, if known)

      For example, this morning I noted 3 titles currently on eBay:

      May 18, 1942
      2nd ptg, 9-41
      To Margaret Johnston, Aloha to you, Don Blanding
      Title page
      eBay 1-31-03; flajunker, Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL

      The citation above does not provide a place, but the location of the
      owner (in this case, seller) may be helpful in determining where to
      look in newspapers for news of book signings.

      Any help you can give is much appreciated!

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