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  • TJMarkle@cs.com
    Dec 30, 2002
      I will be on line with this email address until 1/3/03. By then I'll
      have a new address and a new computer on line. I'll rejoin the group with my
      new stuff.
      Also, I did a little extra research on Armine Von Tempski. She and her
      husband, Al Ball, lived with DB during DB's hayday in Carmel. I got
      microfiche from the Fresno Bee and LA Times for the purpose of gleaning any
      new info regarding her death in Fresno at the age of 44.
      What I learned was that she was there for a speaking engagement for a
      Congregational Church group. It was honoring a prior committment she had
      made. She was very ill with a bad cold/flu but came up anyway to meet her
      obligation. She was staying at The Californian Hotel. (I have family in
      Fresno, and will check with them to see if that Hotel is still there). While
      there she met three women (names unknown) in her room, probably from the
      church. She was too ill to speak and had decided to return to her husband
      and their home in Manhatten Beach. Her husband had been phoning her with no
      response the next morning and someone from the Hotel entered the room and
      found her dead.
      The LA Times reported much the same except that they indicated that it
      was a heart attack that killed her based on an autopsy.
      I searched through the papers through the end of December and found no
      more information on her or her death.
      I'm not sure where Manhatten Beach is...NY?.....Calif?......not up on my
      I was particularly interested in Armine as she is frequently mentioned
      in Carmel with DB. She sure was a beautiful woman. I've read two of her
      books and she was really great! I had researched her because there were some
      rumors from somewhere that she died of mysterious circumstances and might
      have been murdered. I don't see that unless there were further
      investigations somewhere. Does anyone have any info on DB's response (if
      any) to her death? They were close while in Carmel up through 1940 when DB
      left Carmel. I wonder if he attended the funeral..........tj
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