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3136Christmas Greetings to Hawaii Nei ... and to you!

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  • Cadia Los <duchess@speakeasy.org>
    Dec 25, 2002
      Merry Christmas to each of you who have shared your thoughts and "DB
      finds" throughout 2002. Here are some holiday treats gleaned from

      The Christmas Eve, 1926, edition of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin offers
      a number of ads created by Don Blanding. One of these, a 4-column ad
      titled "A Rainbow of Good wishes from The Hawaii Music Co.," may be
      found at:


      in the Don Blanding folder. Featuring island volcanoes, clouds and a
      rainbow, it is signed BLANDING at the base of the palm tree.

      The Friday, December 24, 1926, editorial page includes a verse by DB:

      Christmas Greetings to Hawaii Nei
      from the Honolulu Star-Bulletin

      This is our Yuletide wish . . . that you may see
      How, in Hawaii, every vine and shrub and tree
      Is decked with festive gauds and brave display
      Of colors for our Island Christmas day;
      At night the palms drip silver tinsel from the moon
      And gleam with powdered star-dust, while at noon
      Bright flecks of sun-gold glint and catch the eye
      And ribbons of the rainbow drape across the sky.
      What with the music of glad laughter in the air
      And happy greetings of Aloha everywhere
      We know our wish will certainly come true,
      "A gay and merry Christmas day to you."

      D. B.

      The Star-Bulletin's calendar lists several holiday activities,
      including Christmas Eve midnight masses at the Cathedral of Our Lady
      of Peace, Fort St., and other city churches. On December 25, the
      Hawaiian Trail and Mountain club sponsored a Christmas tree and kid
      party for grown-ups at Waimanalo clubhouse, and football fans could
      attend the U of Hawaii vs. U of South Dakota game at Honolulu stadium.

      I wonder how DB celebrated Christmas 1926....