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  • Cadia Los <duchess@speakeasy.org>
    Dec 17, 2002
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      Hi, TJ....

      Sorry to hear about the upcoming surgery. You might want to add a
      Yahoo or Hotmail address to your profile so you can access the group
      site and receive e-mail on any computer -- library, copy center,
      etc. -- even if you don't have a new ISP yet.

      I've been reading 1927 Star-Bulletin microfilm and have come up with
      some goodies. The December 1926 microfilm also showed up, too, and
      yielded a number of DB illustrations in ads.

      Yesterday I spent 5 hours at the library, and my eyes are sure paying
      for it today! You'll be pleased to know that DB was, indeed, a
      pioneer radio broadcaster. KGHB officially went on the air Saturday,
      October 8, 1927. DB did a 10-minute segment of "selected readings."
      Subsequent broadcasts had him doing a 15-minute "Uncle Don's Bedtime
      Stories" for the kiddies at 7:15 p.m. The Star-Bulletin published
      about 4 of these transcriptions, and they are charming!

      Also on October 8, DB had a short article on seeing a lunar rainbow
      above Tantalus.

      In the summer and fall of 1927, the hot topic was the Dole Derby --
      the trans-Pacific air race from Oakland to Honolulu. Several planes
      went down and were lost at sea. DB's poem "Fliers" was published in
      the S-B on August 17, 1927 in tribute to both the success and the
      tragedy of this history-making event.

      On August 13 appeared an illustration of a "bookplate designed for
      himself by Don Blanding, one of a series of plate[s] projected for
      Honolulu booklovers, which the artist has been working in his new
      studio in the henry may building." Of course...it's the centaur!

      There's also mention of another bit of ephemera to be sought -- a
      small booklet, "The Flying Bat" that DB did for Mrs. Marion Budd's
      Little China gift shop.

      I have also pulled other articles about promoting tourism in Hawaii,
      Frank Moore, Edwin Sawtelle, and the film version of Armine von
      Tempsky's book, "Hula."

      Since the Seattle library system is closed for 8 days due to budget
      cuts, I'll have to finish reading the remaining 2+ reels after
      Christmas. That, I hope, will give me some time to transcribe and
      scan some of the material I've collected in the past 2 months or so.
      That said, my temp service just offered a 6-week, part-time
      assignment which I start tomorrow. Jobs have been very scarce, and
      unemployment checks barely cover the rent, so even part time helps.

      Hope you'll check in again soon. Take care of yourself!

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