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3113DB and my great grandfather

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  • Michael
    Nov 7, 2002
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      Hello all,
      Came across a reference to DB in an unlikely place--my great
      grandmother's diary. She mentions DB in a number of places as being
      a friend of my great grandfather (William Twigg-Smith). Twigg-Smith
      was a photographer and professional landscape painter who lived in
      Hawaii from 1916 to 1950 when he passed away. Not sure how he knew
      DB, but the diary mentions that they were thinking about doing
      business together. Unfortunately, it does not mention what kind of
      business and I cannot find any record that they actually did
      something together. Still, it was really great to find a tangible
      link to DB in my family history. Amazing how he keeps turning up when
      you least expect it!

      Hope all is well with all of you,
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