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3104June 1940

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  • TJMarkle@cs.com
    Sep 20, 2002
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      After going through the Carmel Pine Cone microfiche from 1936-1940, I
      noted a new "Special Edition" in June 1940 that was produced in honor of DB's
      marriage to Dorothy. The publication for that week had already been
      completed when the staff learned of DB's marriage. All of the staff then
      stayed and put out ANOTHER special edition announcing DB's marriage. The
      Special Edition was printed in bold RED letters instead of the normal black.
      I am constantly amazed at DB's influence and popularity....can you image, all
      the expense the Pine Cone went to???
      Unfortunately, the special edition was not contained in the microfiche I
      had and may not exist anymore. Believe me, I went back over the entire year
      just to be sure I didn't miss it. I have emailed the Pine Cone and the
      Carmel Heritage Society to check their volumes in search of a copy. I have
      no word back yet. Luckily, the Pine Cone is on display at the Heritage
      Society and the 1940's were definetely there. Too bad I didn't know about
      this when I was there a week ago!
      This volume was previous unknown to us and might/could shed additional
      light on DB's marriage. Who knows what is in it.
      So, all you researchers and finders of lost objects, get busy and lets
      find a copy of that one!.............tj