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3067Honolulu Star-Bulletin, January - May 1927

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  • duchess017
    Aug 7, 2002
      Hi, all...

      Have just completed reading 6 rolls of microfilm for January 19
      through May 20, 1927. For some reason interlibrary loan skipped over
      the December 11, 1926-January 18, 1927 period; hope that group shows
      up next time.

      Anyway, lots of goodies to share, including a series of 6 ad
      illustrations that DB did for a jeweler -- fanciful ladies
      representing 6 stones from pearl to diamond. I will try to scan
      these in the next few days.

      But, the best came last!

      The May 1927 roll yielded very little, but it was the most
      rewarding. On May 7, the day before Mother's Day, the S-B published
      DB's short poem, "Mother!" Above it . . . .

      A portrait of Mrs. Ida Blanding done by Madge Tennent.

      I about fainted!

      I believe it may be a pastel or a charcoal drawing. Hard to tell.
      The newspaper rendition is rather faint, and the photocopy is not
      particularly good. But I made several copies to bring up as much
      detail as I could, and then scanned the dickens out of one of them.

      Mrs. Blanding had a patrician look -- aquiline nose, lovely deep-set
      blue eyes, a cloud of white hair. The resemblance to DB is quite
      apparent, especially to photos of him as a young man.

      The portrait is in Files: Photos: Friends & Family of DB. The poem
      is in Files: Publications: Honolulu Star-Bulletin: 1927 Articles by
      Don Blanding.


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