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3027Nell Martin revisited

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  • keith2draw
    Jul 14, 2002
      Got a response from Daniel Dickinson.

      Turns out he was the step-son of Nell Martin. Gave me many facts to
      add to my profile and some leads to track down.

      She was born Nellie Columbia Boyer. She knew alot of people in show
      business, including Don Blanding, Dashiell Hammett, Earl Stanley
      Gardner and Lon Chaney Sr. She was in a movie with Marie Dressler
      called "Tillie's Punctured Romance." She knew alot about California
      law as she had been married to the lawyer Edgar L. Martin. After
      Edgar passed away, Nell dated Dashiell for awhile. She married Ashley
      Weed Dickinson, a newspaper journalist, in 1929 (Daniel's father.)

      Don Blanding and Earl Stanley Gardner used to come and visit Nell,
      Ashley & Daniel at their apartment which was near the corner of
      Christopher and Hudson Streets on the west side of Greenwich Village.

      Daniel moved back to Los Angeles in 1953 and used to see Blanding
      around town, just to say hello, when he spoke at Religious Science
      churches in Hollywood.

      Nell passed away in January, 1961 and Daniel went east for the

      I've got tons more questions for Daniel and will write him again in
      the next few days.