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3020The Wolters Apts. c. 1927

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  • duchess017
    Jul 7, 2002

      I may have found a reference to the name "Wolters" as mentioned in
      the 1927 Honolulu city directory

      1927: Blanding Don slsmn Hon S-B r The Wolters apts

      during my reading of 1926 Star-Bulletin microfilm. A short article
      published on September 7, 1926, reveals that a large stamp collection
      owned by W. H. F. Wolters was evaluated at $440,000. The collection
      of 230,298 stamps was to be sold in New York in October 1926.

      The article states that "Wolters died several years ago in Honolulu
      after residing here for 25 years. His collection of stamps is listed
      as one of the finest in the world."

      I have a feeling that the apartment building may have been owned by
      Mr. Wolters or his family. Most city directories, and some telephone
      directories, provide a list of apartment buildings with specific
      addresses. A check of any of the mid-1920s Honolulu directories
      should yield this information. Likewise, tracking down Mr. Wolters
      should be fairly simple.