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  • bucky
    Jul 1, 2002
      Thanks Keith.....I guess I was wrong (the book is in the basement awaiting
      final construction of my IKEA bookcases) but I thought Vic conceded to Don.
      Anyway, interesting news.
      I'll think I'll go make myself one. Excuse me....

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      > Hi Nelson
      > Here's one take on the situation:
      > Harry Yee, King of Tropical Cocktails
      > by Rick Carroll
      > So Who Made The Mai Tai?
      > The Mai Tai, bright as a tropical moon, smooth as summer surf, rich
      > as old Lurline passengers, is one of Hawaii's favorite tropical
      > drinks. One sip and it's paradise. The Mai Tai is Polynesian in
      > origin-the word is Tahitian for good-although who exactly created the
      > classic drink remains a great mystery.
      > The late Vic Bergeron, creator of Trader Vic's restaurants, claimed
      > he invented the drink in 1944 in Oakland, California.
      > "There's been a lot of conversation over the beginning of the Mai
      > Tai. And I want to get the record straight. I originated the Mai Tai.
      > Many others have claimed credit. Some claim it originated in Tahiti.
      > All this aggravates my ulcer completely. Anyone who says I didn't
      > create this drink is a dirty stinker."
      > The late Don (Don The Beachcomber) Beach told me that he, not Trader
      > Vic, invented the drink at his Hollywood establishment in 1932, but
      > named it the QB Cooler after the QB Flight Squadron of World War II.
      > Maybe so, but thje QB Cooler never attained legendary status. Since
      > both Don the Beachcomber and Trader Vic are gone I asked Harry Yee.
      > He thinks Trader Vic invented the Mai Tai, and so do I.
      > For the complete article:
      > http://www.kevdo.com/maitai/harryyee.html
      > Keith
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