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  • keith2draw
    Jul 1, 2002
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      Hi Nelson

      Here's one take on the situation:

      Harry Yee, King of Tropical Cocktails
      by Rick Carroll

      So Who Made The Mai Tai?
      The Mai Tai, bright as a tropical moon, smooth as summer surf, rich
      as old Lurline passengers, is one of Hawaii's favorite tropical
      drinks. One sip and it's paradise. The Mai Tai is Polynesian in
      origin-the word is Tahitian for good-although who exactly created the
      classic drink remains a great mystery.

      The late Vic Bergeron, creator of Trader Vic's restaurants, claimed
      he invented the drink in 1944 in Oakland, California.

      "There's been a lot of conversation over the beginning of the Mai
      Tai. And I want to get the record straight. I originated the Mai Tai.
      Many others have claimed credit. Some claim it originated in Tahiti.
      All this aggravates my ulcer completely. Anyone who says I didn't
      create this drink is a dirty stinker."

      The late Don (Don The Beachcomber) Beach told me that he, not Trader
      Vic, invented the drink at his Hollywood establishment in 1932, but
      named it the QB Cooler after the QB Flight Squadron of World War II.
      Maybe so, but thje QB Cooler never attained legendary status. Since
      both Don the Beachcomber and Trader Vic are gone I asked Harry Yee.
      He thinks Trader Vic invented the Mai Tai, and so do I.

      For the complete article:

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