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  • keith2draw
    Jun 27, 2002
      I had a breakthrough tonight!

      I've been looking for at least two years for a female author named
      Nell Martin, who I think Blanding met in Hollywood around 1926...and
      then knew in New York in the late twenties/early thirties. He
      apparently wrote five short stories with her, which have been lost
      over the years. He mentions her in his dedication to Hula Moons.

      I had gotten several leads, including the fact that she was the
      onetime girlfriend of Dashiell Hammett, the mystery writer.

      Well, I have a new feature on my computer through my local library
      which scans the entire text of the New York Times from 1851-1999, and
      it hit on a 1954 obituary for Ashley Weed Dickinson, a New York
      newsman, and it lists his widow as "Mrs. Nell Martin Dickinson, the
      author of eight novels and 200 short stories under her maiden name,
      and a son, Daniel Ashley Dickinson of Ojai, Calif."

      This is definately the same Nell Martin, but as of yet I can't find
      any death date for her, or any leads on her son. I did find a record
      of her husband on Ancestry.com, and have written the compiler.

      If we can track down the family, we may recover the lost
      Blanding/Martin stories, letters, photos, etc...

      There were a total of 55 references to Blanding in the NY
      Times...mainly ads and radio appearances in the early thirties. One
      interesting article from 1930 about an Author's League charity event
      which featured Blanding, Nell Martin and a relative of Lorraine
      Stevens, the "Rowdy Duchess."

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