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3003Honolulu Star-Bulletin September-December 1926

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  • duchess017
    Jun 26, 2002
      Hi, everyone...

      Tonight I began reading the next installment of Star-Bulletin
      microfilm. Naturally, I did not start at the beginning.

      The first 3 weeks of November 1926 yielded information on James
      Kimble Blanding and on DB's book, Flowers of the Rainbow.

      Published on November 8 in the last edition, the JKB obit was short,
      confirming that James died "at the Queen's hospital at 2:30 Sunday
      morning [November 7]. Acute heart attack following a long illness
      was the cause of death."

      In an earlier message, Keith indicated that Oahu Cemetary has "a
      record of a J. K. Blanding being buried on Nov. 7, 1926." Not too
      likely the burial would have taken place on the date of death, and a
      Sunday at that. Might be worth another inquiry to verify the date.

      I have read through November 20, and there was no further mention of
      James, not even a vital stats notice. His mother, Ida, is mentioned,
      but not whether she was still living.

      The November 17 and 19 editions carry two different ads for "Flowers
      of the Rainbow," published by the Star-Bulletin, "just in time for
      Christmas." The book is also the subject of an editorial on November
      19. On November 20, a review of the book appears in the newspaper's
      third section, signed by "C.G." (page editor Clifford Gessler). The
      review mentions the dedication to "the poet's mother." I feel
      certain that, had she not been living, the writer would have referred
      to her as "the late" Mrs. Blanding.

      And, finally, the November 6 edition carries a story about "The Bird
      of Paradise." The 10-year-old play was about to have its first
      production in Hawaii, by the Wilbur Players at the States theater.

      I'll try to transcribe a few items this weekend, but much of my free
      time will be devoted to reading 5 more rolls of microfilm between now
      and July 4.

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