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  • Don Blanding
    May 14, 2002
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      Actually, I believe it was his wife that was named Blanding and his name was
      Bicknell (not Becknell). My grandfather told me the same story when I was
      growing up - I didn't really believe him until I checked it out further. The
      town that became Blanding did not immediately respond to his offer so he
      made the same offer to the town that became Bicknell. Bicknell immediately
      accepted so the town was named after him. Blanding did not accept for a few
      months but when they finally did it was to late to name the town after him
      so he suggested the alternative, which was to name the town after his wife.

      You will probably find some Blandings in Detroit Lakes, MN. I believe they
      are closely related to my side of the Blanding tree as my grandfather lived
      there. There were also some Blandings in Harvey, North Dakota, again related
      to that branch of my tree.

      All the best to you Donna as you travel the country.

      From the home office of Don Blanding

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      Hi tj thanks for the street name lesson. Ever hear of Blanding, Utah? I
      was reading in my Blanding genealogy that a Blanding advertised around the
      country that if a place would name their town after him he would build them
      a library. Only two towns responded, they are now known as Blanding, Utah
      and the other: Becknell, Utah after his wife. They both got new libraries.
      Hi to everyone, Donna Wendt here, still driving around after one year, in
      my Vagabond Van. I'm still tracking my Blanding roots and Don's Blanding
      roots (in addition to being a tourist and doing other family tracking). I'm
      in Chautauqua Co., NY now, which is near Erie, PA. Lots of Blandings in PA,
      then they moved west to Wisc and Minn.
      I'm still heading to return and live in Hawaii, it's just taking a little
      longer than I planned when I left.
      Aloha for now, Donna Wendt donwen@...

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