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  • TJMarkle@cs.com
    Apr 30, 2002
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      Keith, maybe we need to review the past dialogues with funding of your
      book. Not being savy on some of this, the question I thought of was:

      Can a non-profit organization become involved in a For-Profit book? I don't
      really know the answer to this question, not being an attorney and all.
      Anyone in the group care to venture a guess on this one?

      Other than that, I know you have provided credit where due and that is
      appreciated and noticed. Didn't mean to sound like it wasn't done by you.
      You've been very conscious of this on your web-site. We're all in this
      together for our own individual reasons and all of us have our own expertise
      to offer and provide.
      Also, I do agree with Michaels observation the the first conference be
      on the mainland and then we can branch out from there. I can see that Maui
      Tom wants to come to the Mainland also and thats enough encouragement for me.
      There's lots to see here with Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove and other
      local areas of interest.
      I believe I could interest the Carmel Heritage Society to assist us in
      some way, as they assisted myself and Don/Michelle Stewart in the Carmel
      exhibit. I have Carmel and Monterey newspaper contacts that will help us
      advertise and so a local interest story would be of interest.
      I have 3-4 people from Carmel that had met DB (I videotaped them at the
      show) that might be interesting for us to meet and hear. They have some
      really neat stories to tell. I really think we could develop a great series
      of informal workshops with these people. I would like to have Allen Sawtelle
      present for the conference as he is the only living person today, that knows
      DB like none of us do. He lived with DB with his grandparents (Ed/Carmen
      Sawtelle) in Hawaii during his later teen years. When I interviewed Allen,
      it was like talking with DB as I would have thought DB to be......a really
      great experience for me. Lastly, we could set up a dinner at a great
      restaurant in Monterey called HULA'S that is totally devoted to Hawaiiana and
      the owner has knowledge of DB....great Hawaiiam food and atmosphere for all
      of us. Don/Michelle Stewart took Jan and I there several times and I have
      been there every time I go to Monterey as the food and atmosphere is
      absolutely correct!...............so much for gabbing on.................tj
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