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  • Michael T Pfeffer
    Apr 30, 2002
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      I think that it makes most sense to have the first meeting at Asilomar, which would be cheaper and closer for many to travel to. Having it in Hawaii would be truly great, but my initial thought would be to save that for the second or third year (presuming this is an annual event you might have it in Hawaii every third year or something to make it more special). Getting an organization off the ground is never easy and I think that most of the group resides on the mainland so it makes the most sense to have the first one there and then get people really excited about coming to Hawaii. As Tom knows, there are many great hotels here with conference facilities that can handle this sized group so we should be able to get a great deal when the time comes to have it out here. Anyway, just my "two-cents" for what that's worth.

      Aloha, Michael
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      I think the option of having it in Hawaii should not be given up since, it is
      the most important place. However selfishly I would prefer to travel to

      Maui Tom

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