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2916Re: [aloha-donblanding] Re: Dialogue

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  • TJMarkle@cs.com
    Apr 30, 2002
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      Keith, as to the book, we have all participated to some degree in
      collecting information and getting it to you. You have become the central
      repostitory for all DB details. You have also gone far beyond anything I or
      others could have dug up with your superslueth abilities. You are to be
      credited for all of that. My goal is to honor DB as best we can and a book
      is a great way to do that. As far as I am concerned, the book is yours. If
      we can include your book research into a part of a future grant, then it
      hopefully would take some of the pressure off of you, in terms of the
      financial impact all of this research has on you personally. Future book
      recognition of the group and indidviduals involved is always appropriate.
      Cadia, in order to get the grants, we must first be a non-profit. Then
      we can look at writing grants after that. So, any help I can be to you to
      speed this up......the offer still stands from me. We need this asap........
      As to the Conference date........I really don't care when it is. I
      just wanted to get people thinking about a new purpose and mission for this
      asleep group. We have members responding right now that I really don't know.
      I like that. I am very serious about the conference and also understand that
      whatever date we pick, someone in the group will not be able to make it due
      to conflicts. We MUST however, have the major players there to help
      coordinate the future of our group. It could also be in Hawaii, but the
      costs for most of us mainlanders is high and it also inflates the grant
      requests and I think reduces the chances of obtaining the grant. I am open
      to all suggestions.
      There is so much DB material surfacing now, it is beginning to get
      scattered to the winds....a real shame for the future museum, if that
      happens..........I personally have a lid on three individual collections that
      I hope will be earmarked for a museum.....tj
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