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  • keith2draw
    Apr 29, 2002
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      Hi everyone...this is Keith.

      Lot's of great talk & ideas going around. I've been peeping in
      occasionally between feedings and diaper changes, but have not
      contributed in awhile. Not for any lack of interest...just having fun
      with my daughter. The Blanding research has been on the back burner,
      but I'm gaining some interest again. Bev and I have been looking into
      a few areas.

      Of course I approve of the idea of a non-profit group. Please tap
      into my graphic design skills if any stationery or printing design is
      needed. A get-together in Carmel next year would also be a good idea,
      and I might even be able to make it this time. I've been wanting to
      visit all my Santa Cruz friends for awhile.

      tj...of course I wouldn't turn down offers of grants to go towards
      the research and writing of my Blanding project, but would feel
      akward about it if that meant the group felt entitled to some kind
      of 'control' over the contents and subject matter of said project.
      Also, if somehow I were to actually get a book published (a longshot)
      what would my obligations to the group be? Proceeds, copyrights,
      etc...? I'd be interested in hearing your take on the matter.

      Cadia...I've been reading your transcribed articles with much
      interest...way to go! My local library is very bad about ordering
      microfilm for me (it takes ages)...so I might start getting them from
      work again. Awhile back, I went through some 1922 Star Bulletin
      microfilm, so don't order that until we've compared notes. If I can
      find time I'll transcribe some of that material, as there were a few
      interesting pieces.

      The small details of Blanding's life continue to fall into place.
      These often insignificant details are not in themselves the basis of
      a book. They merely allow us to form a bigger picture of a person
      dead now for 45 years. There are now only a handful of living people
      who knew the man...they are our most valuable resources. One of the
      main justifications for finding and sifting through the trivial day-
      to-day details of Don's life is in the hope that what we uncover
      might lead to another unknown living contact...or a cache of personal
      letters...or an unpublished manuscript...or a lost interview - all
      things that have already surfaced from our diggings. When we finally
      have enough of these insights into who Don really was, and not until
      then, do we have a winner of a book. As tj has said before, a dry
      telling of Don's life from birth to death is not going to impress
      anyone, nor sell books. At the same time though...we have to portray
      Blanding honestly, warts and all...otherwise we wouldn't be honest.

      It's been said that Blanding wouldn't have liked all this digging up
      about him...and certainly would have objected to a book being written
      about him. Well that's too bad. If we're going to start an
      organization devoted to him and his works...people are going to want
      to know who he was...what made him tick.

      Oops...I've rambled on a bit tonight. Please let me know what
      assistance I can give for the development of the non-profit group.
      I've worked for a few non-profit companies through the years, and
      know a little bit about how they work.

      Aloha, Keith :0)
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