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29[aloha-donblanding] Don Blanding genealogy

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  • Cadia Los
    Jan 18, 2000
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      Hello, all...

      As promised, I have dug through notes to locate genealogical information on Don Blanding. This is in very rough form, extracted from an e-mail I sent in Sept. 1999 to one of the subscribers to this group.

      A Wisconsin genealogy researcher provided the following from the 1890, 1900 and 1910 census data; keep in mind that the ages shown may vary because of the date a particular census was taken or from error. Other discrepancies are noted in brackets [...].


      1890 OK Territory: Blanding, Hugh R. Born: WI; County of Residence: Kingfisher.

      1900 OK, Garfield Co, Enid Town: Blanding, Hugh R. b Feb.1851 - age 48 Born WI. Birthplace of Father=Penna, Birthplace of Mother=Wisc Ida K. (wife) b. Feb 1855 age 45 yr. No. of children=6, alive=3. [Was one of the non-living children the daughter who died just before she was to marry?] Birthplace =Wisc. Birthplace of Father Wisc; Birthplace of Mother=Vermont Hugh W. (son) b. Oct 1882 age 17 birthplace=S. Dakota James K. (son) b.May 1884 age 16 birthplace=S.Dakota Donald (son) b.Nov 1893 age 6 birthplace=Oklahoma [note discrepancy of year]

      1910 Census--Lawton township; Comanche Co., Oklahoma Blanding, Hugh R. age 56 birthplace=Wisconsin. Father's birthplace= Penn; Mother's birthplace=Penn [note discrepancy with 1900 census]

      Ida K. (wife) age 54 birthplace=Wisconsin, Father's bp=Penn; Mother's bp=Vermont James K. (son) age 26 birthplace Dakota. Father's bp=Wis; Mother's bp=Wis Donald B. (son) age 16 birthplace Oklahoma. Father's bp=Wis; Mother's bp=Wis

      My information regarding Don Blanding's birth year conflicts with the 1900 census. Records show 7 November 1894. The initial "R" stands for Ross; the initial "K" stands for Kimble (mother's maiden name) and "B" stands for Benson. Both Ross and Benson may have been earlier generations' maiden names.

      Don Blanding was a poet-illustrator-vagabond, who first went to Hawaii in 1915 and who originated the Lei Day celebration there in 1928. His first major book of verse was Vagabond's House, published in 1928.

      Note: I have recently been told that Don Blanding first arrived in Hawaii in 1914, not 1915. Either one is possible. The answer may be found when I can determine the date that the play "Bird of Paradise" was being performed in Kansas City. According to notes in Blanding's books, it was that play which inspired him to visit Hawaii.

      I have more information about the Wisconsin Blandings, but it is not immediately at hand. I believe they were in Grant County, WI. Note that Don's eldest brother [Hugh W.] is not shown in the 1910 census.


      If anyone has more to add, please let us all know!



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