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  • kittykowkow
    Apr 28, 2002
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      Hi Y'all:

      Asilomar would be an absolutely marvelous venue for such a meeting!
      Of course for many of you it would be a long trip but I can guarantee
      it would be a unforgettable experience. Asilomar has been around as
      long as DB for sure. I know it well, have stayed there many times
      in my 64 years. It is in the heart of the famous Monterey Peninsula
      right on the Pacific Ocean midway up the coast of California.

      Besides having fun together, as tj and others involved in the Carmel
      show know, (I was not in this group at that time) there are things to
      do, see and eat for pocketbooks fat and lean, singles, couples,
      kidlets or the childless and aside from our meeting a smorgasboard
      for those interested in history, botany, art, gorgeous scenery and
      the site of the world-famous Monterey Bay Aquarium. Their jellyfish
      display is worth the trip alone! (live jellyfish, of course)

      Asilomar, if my memory serves me, was started either by the Methodist
      Church around the turn of the century or the YMCA - either way it was
      started as a Christian campground. It has evolved over the century
      since into a State-owned facility but has retained it's early 1900's
      charm. There is a main lodge, fully equipped as tj has stated, and
      many cabins both elegant and modest and I doubt there is a pocketbook
      among us that could not afford the more modest but comfortable
      accomodations set in a lovely cypress forest fronting on the famous
      coastline just a mile or two north of the equally famous 17 Mile

      One has only to walk out the back and a short hike on a wooden
      trail/walk (handicapable, I believe) and you face the land's end of
      the Pacific where the water is always a deep blue and turquoise and
      various critters play in the waves all year long.

      However, flying there is another matter. The airfare to Monterey
      which is served by only two airlines, is a killer. I am fortunate
      enough to be able to go by train to a nearby town and rent a car or
      drive the 360 miles from my house, if I wish. When I absolutely have
      to fly, I go to San Jose, as tj suggested but then one has to rent a
      car and drive to the Monterey Peninsula which is approximately 95
      miles one way; either way becomes a bit pricey.

      However, Asilomar was structured from the beginning just for meetings
      like this and I can guarantee those of us who could accomplish a
      meeting here would be much enriched in so many ways: through meeting
      our friends with a commonality of interests, experiencing the area
      with new friends and old and indeed, if I am not being too maudlin, a
      spiritual and artistic uplift as well. Not to mention some good food
      of every stripe along the way! Carmel by the Sea is a hop away and
      although very touristy, still full of fun things to see and shops to
      peek into and myriad galleries of great and not-so-great but hopeful
      art. Well, I hope I have not scared everyone away with my
      hyperbole but this would surely be the Holy Grail! Karen Cotter
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