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2888Hello , from a new member

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  • sdjartist2
    Apr 23, 2002
      Good evening to all you Don Blanding Fans. With T.J. Markle's and
      Cadia's and my husband's help I have finally logged on to the group.
      As the curator of the Floridays-Don Blanding Exhibit, held here in
      Florida earlier this year,I hope to share and be a positive addition
      with the rest of you. There was a message sent to me earlier by T.J.
      Markle, whereby Cadia had expressed an interest in starting a Non-
      profit group. I agree with that. The idea of a traveling exhibit. I
      agree wholeheartedly with that. The Museum of the Great Plains made
      up and has refined a very good list of items they would be willing to
      have travel. Mr. Jim Whiteley, both handsome and smart, can be of
      much use for information about a traveling exhibit. I had the
      pleasure and great opportunity to visit the Museum of the Great
      Plains for an entire week, in May of last year. Their collection of
      Don Blanding art and artifacts is both vast and breathtaking. I
      belive the best place to start with the idea of a traveling exhibit
      should begin with Mr. Jim Whiteley. Has that idea been discussed at
      length and have I missed it? If so I apoplogize for the repeating and
      hope to catch up to the flavor of the current conversation as soon as
      I get more computer literate. Thank you for your patience while I do
      a learning curve. Sincerely, Sherrie J.