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  • duchess017
    Apr 10, 2002

      I love your idea of a "value guide" for DB memorabilia....of course
      some things will always be "market price" but a guide of our various
      finds would be useful.

      As for the non-profit, I already have the paperwork, just need to dig
      it out and put the details together. Writing bylaws is a little
      tricky, but with some help from you guys and several other sources, I
      think we can put something together within the next couple of months.

      Meanwhile, some sort of promotional flyer or card for this group, as
      it exists, would be great. Something simple, easily photocopied and
      available as a stuffer or hand-out to as many people as possible. (I
      routinely send show flyers and other promotional material with my
      checks to eBay sellers and in outgoing packages, and provide them at
      antiques/collectibles shows.) Postcard format would be ideal.
      Anyone want to create one?

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