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  • duchess017
    Apr 10, 2002
      Hi, all...

      If I'm remembering correctly, the Academy has been around since at
      least the time DB lived in Hawaii. I think I've seen articles
      about them in some of the old Star-Bulletin microfilm I've been
      reading -- though nothing with Blanding's name in it.

      Speaking of Lei Day, as many of you may know, DB always offered a
      prize for "the best blue lei" in each year's competition.

      Michael (or anyone else in Hawaii), can you verify if that prize is
      still offered in his memory? If not, I would like to propose that,
      as a group, we create such a prize (or 1st, 2nd, 3rd) starting now.
      In the 1930s, I believe first prize was something like $15 and the
      total of DB's contribution about $50.

      I don't know what today's prize levels are (maybe $50-75 for 1st
      prize?) but it's the thought that counts anyway.

      We'll have to hurry, and I'm not sure who handles the competition
      now, but I'd really like to see the "blue lei" as part of the

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