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2851Re: [aloha-donblanding] New poll for aloha-donblanding

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  • K Cotter
    Apr 8, 2002
      Well, we are all Blanding fanatics but I think we are a very small bunch.

      Our group seems to be spread all over the USA and the only input I can give
      is A. any kind of museum space in the Los Angeles area is going to be the
      most expensive but might have the biggest audience; B. Blanding is
      associated with Hawaii and people are always looking for things to do when
      they are there. However, also costs a lot to have a brick and mortar site.

      Frankly, I cannot imagine any other area of the country drawing enough
      interest to support a museum, no matter how small. Also, there have to be
      enough docents to be on duty at least 6 days a week to explain all the
      material and answer questions and maybe sell some of the less valuable items
      (our duplicates?) in a gift shop at a correct price, of course.
      Reproductions of his written stuff, etc.

      Unless I am being cynical, I can't imagine there being enough money coming
      in to pay a fulltime employee a decent salary.

      Maybe a good website would be a start rather than a "real" museum.
      I mean just a pure, Blanding website not our chat and so on. Lord knows we
      all have enough stuff to post to it and many of you are really experts and
      could set up an interesting time line as well as presenting the man as he
      really was at various stages of his life, fascinating, conceited, talented,
      lonely, outgoing, warts and all!

      There could be a question and answer link and whomever of us is best
      qualified to answer can jump in.

      Just a thought. Karen C.
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