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2841DB & Leatrice Joy, 1926

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  • duchess017
    Mar 31, 2002
      Happy Easter, everyone!

      In reading microfilm from the January-April 1926 Star-Bulletin, I've
      come across a few items. Two DB bylined articles appeared on April
      10 and 24, both with photos of actress Leatrice Joy.

      The April 10 article mentions that DB had been in Hollywood 2-1/2
      months, which means he left Honolulu sometime around the end of
      January. Though I've read both January and most of February 1926, I
      could find no specific confirmation of the date.

      The bonus of the April 10 article is that the photo includes both
      Leatrice Joy and DB, "who is shown explaining to the actress how to
      get milk out of a coconut." See Files: Photos: Don Blanding:


      I'll try to transcribe both articles in the coming week.

      By the way, on April 10, 1926, Mauna Loa erupted, and the Star-
      Bulletin in subsequent days is filled with stories and photos about
      the volcano. I am not copying these -- there are just too many! --
      but it does make fascinating reading! People were actually praying
      to Madame Pele to spare their homes and property, in vain for the
      most part.

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