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2811Re: DB's High school nickname

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  • duchess017
    Feb 1, 2002

      Hope you enjoyed your visit with Jeannie! I spoke with her the other
      night and she mentioned you were coming over to see the "loot" that
      she and Mike have collected over the past couple of decades.

      Actually, what she's unpacked is only the proverbial tip of the

      Just so the other group members aren't kept completely in the dark --
      and, no, Michael did not find out about the collection from me -- a
      couple of old friends who have moved back to Honolulu are preparing
      to downsize their collection of Hawaiiana, which includes a good deal
      of rare and wonderful Don Blanding dishes, books and, yes, the high
      school annual.

      Most of the items for sale will be available for inspection beginning
      about mid-April. Jeannie has asked me to spread the word. One
      caveat -- she will not ship anything, nor will items be placed on
      eBay, so you'll have to either live in Hawaii, travel there, or
      arrange with a friend to purchase on your behalf.

      Perhaps Jeannie may be able to photograph items as they come out of
      boxes and provide some scans for our perusal. Our telephone
      conversation did not get into that, but it's a thought.

      Meanwhile, if you would like to contact Jeannie, the e-mail address is


      Please let her know that you are a member of the Aloha, Don Blanding
      Collectors Society and that you are a serious collector.

      Another thought: anyone up for a group meeting in Honolulu for the
      75th anniversary of Lei Day, this coming May 1. A lot will depend on
      the state of my finances, but I'm thinking about it....and it would
      be a great opportunity to bring back some treasures.


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