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  • keith2draw
    Jan 23, 2002
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      Someone out of the blue sent me some scans of some typed Blanding
      postcards which reveal some interesting new clues.

      In one card, he mentions that he has a friend in Ann Arbor, Michigan
      named Donald Curtis May. He also gives the address. I had been
      looking for Don May in vain for awhile (too common of a name.) With
      these few clues I was able to finally locate him in the Social
      Security Death Index: Donald May, b. June 24, 1889, d. July 1971 in
      Ann Arbor.

      Blanding of course wrote a poem entitled TO DON MAY in Vagabond's
      House which described their mountain climbing adventures in 1913
      Bend, Oregon. I will now try to locate Don May's family.

      In another card (1946) he mentions a friend named Sam Maddux, who's
      mother was one of his childhood teachers in Lawton, Oklahoma. He also
      states in this card that he recorded a year's worth of fifteen-minute
      spots for his Castle Card radio program...quite interesting. He says
      that he has come to loathe his lecture tours, and is hoping to give
      them up.

      He mentions living at the Roosevelt Hotel, and eating most of his
      dinners at the Cinegrill, the hotel's restaurant (which still exists)
      - He liked to eat marinated herring.

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