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2795Re: Honolulu city directories

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  • keith2draw
    Jan 23, 2002

      As promised, here are the Honolulu City Directory entries:

      Blanding Donald, artist Hawn Gazette Co, rms The Wolters

      Blanding Donald B, painter Tom Sharp, rms 1041 Alakea

      Blanding Donald, designer Gurrey's Ltd, bds 1041 Alakea
      Blanding Ida K (wid Hugh R), r 1041 Alakea
      Blanding James K, framer Gurrey's Ltd, bds 1041 Alakea

      Blanding Donald, ad writer C R Frazier Co, r 250g Kaiulani av
      Blanding Ida K (wid Hugh R), bds 250g Kaiulani av
      Blanding James K, clk C R Frazier Co, bds 250g Kaiulani av

      Blanding Ida K (wid Hugh R) rms 1111 Union
      " James K librarian C R Frazier & Co, rms 1111 Union

      Blanding Don Artist 403 Boston bldg, Tel 6042 r 1063 Lunalilo
      " Ida K (wid Hugh R) r 1063 Lunalilo
      " James K librarian C R Frazier Co r 1063 Lunalilo

      Blanding Ida K (wid Hugh R) r 1106 Punchbowl
      " James K librarian Mellen Associates r 1106 Punchbowl

      Blanding Don slsmn Hon S-B r The Wolters apts

      Blanding Don with Hon S-B

      NOTES: All entries are typed exactly as they appeared. I'm curious
      where 'The Wolters' was? The indication is that his brother James AND
      his mother Ida BOTH passed away in 1926. Tom Sharp owned a sign
      company, and somewhere Blanding mentioned that he painted signs to
      make a living. Gurrey's was an art shop in Honolulu. Blanding
      designed souvenirs for them. George Mellen took over the Charles R.
      Frazier advertising agency in 1925 or 1926...he must have kept James
      on. Blanding left Hawaii in 1924...and 1926. We know that in 1926 he
      was in Los Angeles...but where was he in 1924. New York? He mentions
      NY in Paradise Loot.

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