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  • TJMarkle@cs.com
    Dec 27, 2001
      As tj gets ready to roll the Blandingmobile down to the Southern Cal -
      Arizona - New Mexico area in the next few months.....what can I do to help
      with the cause? I do plan to stop at Allen Sawtelle's and videotape him and
      his DB belongings if he permits. This is needed for posterity, to go along
      with some other interviews that I've conducted from the Carmel show. Some of
      my trip into New Mexico will be dictated by weather conditions as it will
      still be early there. We'll see how it goes.
      I don't think I'll be down the road until the latter part of January,
      then will be gone through March or early April. Haven't got a laptop yet but
      am researching them now. Any suggestions as to the best type to get?
      Keith, you mentioned something possibly in Berkeley? Better email me on
      that if you're ready for me to go there and check it out. This retirement is
      very busy you know and I have to plan out where to relax ( smile). I am
      still negotiating on my Carmel finds of last year. The owner is just very
      difficult, but there has been some recent headway. We'll see.............tj