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2721Re: [aloha-donblanding] Billie Jean Creager-Aker's Family

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  • TJMarkle@cs.com
    Nov 30, 2001
      Bev: Nothing has turned up on Armine's death in Fresno. However, now that I
      have a little more time to nose around, I'll go up there myself and see what
      I can find. I also wanted to talk at the Chowchilla people a little more,
      though I think we've uncovered the best connection and your work in meeting
      them is really interesting. When I come out of Mexico in March, I have
      friends in Phoenix area that I will be visiting and would like to visit with
      the Ackers also. If you get prints of photo's, art, etc, I'd like to get
      copies of it and will pay the price for copy work, etc. I'm really
      interested in the 1936-1940 period of time that included Chowchilla/Carmel,
      etc. Armine was in there also during this period of time. She might not be
      totally connected to DB in this time period but there was that comradre (sp?)
      and support that existed between them.
      Montana is a beautiful State but at 0 degrees, it was more than my body
      could stand.....my poooooor car was nothing but ice and took 30 minutes to
      warm up, etc. Glad to be in Calif!!!
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