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2714Billie Jean Creager-Aker's Family

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  • Bev Leinbach
    Nov 26, 2001
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      We just returned from Phoenix and Thanksgiving with our children and their
      relatives there. We had a great time. The part that will interest you all is
      that Hal and I spent a number of hours with Billie Jeans husband Frank and one
      of their daughters Jackie at Frank and Billie Jeans home in Tempe.

      What a welcoming and friendly family they are. Frank talked about Don and
      Jackie remembered things that had been said about him. Jackie never met Don,
      but Frank had been with him many times in Chowchilla. Don was at their
      wedding in 1944 and gave them a 10x15” black/white drawing of themselves for
      Christmas ’46. There are 6 or 7 art pieces of Don’s that were given to Pinkie
      in their entry way.

      There were letters from Don and Buba (Scotty’s nick name) sent during their
      auto trip of the Southwest in 1936. Jackie was unable to find the jewelry
      that Don had sent Billie Jean over the years, maybe I’ll see it next time I
      visit. I have copies of photos of Pinkie and Will Creager, Billie Jean and
      Franks wedding in the Creager backyard and of Billie Jean in 1981. They just
      took them off the wall, gave us all the old letters and sent us off to Kinko’s
      like they had know us for years.

      When we go back the next time, we will copy the art in the entry way.
      Another daughter BJ (Billie Jean) will come with what she has and we will
      visit more.

      I will post the photos next month after I get Christmas up in the house and
      gifts out the door.


      I have been talking by phone with Randy Von Tempsky, Armine’s nephew/ son of
      brother Poli, in Maui. He was born in 1945 and his sister Armine was born on
      the Bing Crosby Ranch in Nevada in 1946 where his dad Poli was Ranch Manager
      for a few years.

      He, like Maui Tom’ will check with friends in Hana about Auntie Pinau. He
      use to be a tour guide to Hana. He does not recall his Aunties talking about
      Don Blanding ever visiting the Von Tempsky’s. He has sent me to the Maui
      News, which is celebrating 100 years in operation this year. He said if Don
      was there, there would be something in the paper about it.

      He said his Sister Armine, knew Al Ball and visited him frequently in
      California. Unfortunately she died in 1977 and never married, so that lead is
      a dead end. Randy went to Maui at the age of 17, on his own. I think his Mom
      and sister stayed in California. The Von Tempsky girls raised him from there.
      He lived on Arrow One, the ranch that Louis and Randal Von Tempsky originally
      owned before Louis became manager of the Baldwin Ranch. Auntie Alexia
      (Randal’s daughter) lived in the big house, Auntie Gwen lived in the guest
      house and Auntie Jackie (Inez Mac Phee) lived close by and “all wanted him to
      stay with them.”

      He too has been very generous with his time and loves to “Talk Story” about
      the things he know of his family, Maui and the Hawaiian’s.


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