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2687Billie Jean's husband....Jack Akers

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  • Bev Leinbach
    Oct 13, 2001
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      Aloha to all,

      Visited by phone with Jack Akers last Sun. in Phoenix, Ax., and will meet
      him next month when we go back again. He was more than eager to share what he
      remembers about our DB.

      He never met Scotty but has heard a lot about him from the Creager family.
      He said Scotty never lived in Chowchilla. Jack went to high school with
      Billie Jean, a year ahead of her. He is 2 years old, but she skipped a grade.
      Jack graduated in 1941 and Billie Jean in 1942.

      When Jack got out of the service, he came back and married Billie Jean in
      1944. As we already know Scotty had already passed away. DB was at their
      wedding, as he was the Creager’s adopted son. Jack thought DB was an orphan.

      In 1946 when DB was home for Christmas at the Creager house, he did a
      portrait of Billie Jean and Jack, which I will see on my visit. Jack said I
      can take it to Kinko’s along with 5 other prints he and his daughter’s have
      and make copies of them.

      Billie Jean was a 2nd & 3rd grade teacher in Scottsdale. She had a TIA in
      1991 from an aneurysm at the base of her brain and during or after the
      surgery, she had a stroke affecting her left side. She died March 19, 1995 in
      Tempe, AZ

      THE FAMILY THINKS THAT SCOTTY died the same way. He was taking some people
      (2) out on the town in Honolulu and after leaving one place, he put them into
      the car and walked around to drive. However, he never got in and when they
      checked, he was dead behind the car. Jack said he was working for the phone
      company there.

      He was cremated and that is why I cannot find out where he was buried. He
      wasn’t until Will Creager died and he is buried with Mom Pinkie and Dad
      Creager in Sacramento, Ca.

      Ruth did not return to Hawaii with Scotty. That made Scotty’s sister
      Margaret “mad” at Ruth for this. By the way, Margaret passed away in Florida
      in 1985 while living with son Roman Young and is buried with husband Roman
      Young in Santa Barbara, CA.
      Daughter Betty Scott Magri lives in New Hampshire, but I haven’t located her
      yet and hope to find out more from Jack about her.

      Jack said DB visited the folks (Creager) for the holidays. He called Pinkie
      “Mom, Will “Dad Creager” and Billie Jean “Billie Bumps”.

      I will let you all know how my next visit goes.


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