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  • Cadia Los
    Oct 14, 2001

      Believe me, I scoured every column inch of the May 1921 S-B - nothing
      at all related to Blanding.

      My feeling is that DB did not begin copywriting until 1922, maybe
      later in 1921. His actual job was selling ads, not writing them. As
      you'll recall, DB was asked to fill in for a copywriter and thus his
      career as an artist-poet was launched. Publication of his first book
      in 1923 lends credence to 1922 as the year his rhyming ads became
      popular with S-B readers.

      Before I release this group of microfilms, however, I'll take another
      look at May 1921, just in case I did miss something.

      I have more 1920s microfilm on order; the current batch is the last
      of the December 2000 order, likely the reason they allowed me 7 rolls
      and not the usual 6.