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2650Star-Bulletin - 1937 - Stowaways - Scotty

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  • Cadia Los
    Aug 28 8:59 PM
      Still trying to figure out if Scotty Creager returned to the mainland
      in May 1937 following the Lei Day festivities. When he arrived in
      Honolulu on April 29, he was to be in Hawaii "a few weeks."

      In mid-May, Blanding went to the Big Island (Hilo) to finish The Rest
      of the Road and, supposedly, to work on a new book on flight,
      tentatively titled Winged Return. The title was inspired by his
      return to the Islands via Clipper.

      No mention of Scotty in the S-B in May (except May 1), July or August.
      (I don't have June 1937 microfilm.) DB returned to Honolulu in late
      August prior to sailing September 18 on the Malolo.

      Tonight I was reading September microfilm and came across the
      following item (Saturday, September 25):

      "Film Company Due on Friday [October 1]

      "Filming of Stowaways in paradise, based on Don Blanding's book of
      the same name, will be begun in Hawaii next week.

      "A company of nearly 80 persons, headed by the juvenile actor Bobby
      Breen, will leave Los Angeles today on the President Hoover.

      "Word to this effect was received this morning in a message from Mr.
      Blanding to his secretary, Scotty Creager...."

      There's more, and I will transcribe it later, but my question is:

      Was Scotty still in Honolulu? Or was this message received by the
      Star-Bulletin via Scotty in Carmel while DB was in Southern
      California. The article also notes that "A luau and reception in
      honor of Mr. Blanding is being planned at the [Principal Pictures]
      studio for Sunday [September 26?]." I take that to mean Hollywood.

      So where was Scotty?

      I hope there's more about this on the remainder of the September
      microfilm but we may have to wait until I can get October 1937, which
      may be awhile.

      Didn't anybody pick up on the fact that Ruth Quackenbush -- later to
      become Scotty's wife -- also arrived April 29 on the Malolo? Do we
      know when and where they married?