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2629Miss Majel G. Claflin

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  • keith2draw@home.com
    Aug 21, 2001
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      New information on Blanding's onetime fiance
      (from her Chicago Art Institute transcripts)

      Miss Majel G. Claflin
      Born: Perry, Michigan, October 18, 1884
      Father: Rev. John Claflin
      Parents address: 218 E. Hamlin St., Eaton Rapids, Michigan
      Claflin's Chicago address: 830 Michigan Blvd. South
      Studied at the Institute 1913-4 and again in 1920
      Occupation: Commercial Artist

      There were a few 'hits' on my search engine for a Rev. John Claflin
      of Eaton Rapids, Mich...apparently he was a Methodist Minister.
      Donald seemed to like older women.

      From this info I'm sure we can find out more about her: if she
      married and had children, and when she died. Perhaps she has
      surviving relatives who would have some 'stories' about her
      friendship with Blanding...or if not, maybe they would like to find
      out about the connection.