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2618Re: Donna on Vagabond Trip

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  • Cadia Los
    Aug 20, 2001
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      Nice to hear from you as you travel!

      Yes, use keywords "don blanding" on any search engine and I guarantee
      you'll find both the group site and the My Glass Duchess website.
      The URL for the group site is:


      Travels with the Duchess is another group that I host -- only a
      couple of members but I needed more storage space! It is public, so
      anyone should be able to access all parts. Please let me know if you
      have difficulty viewing the Files or Photos sections.

      Each Yahoo group member has a "My Groups" screen - a list of all
      groups that you have joined. There's a link near the top of each
      screen within a group site. Anyone is welcome to join Travels with
      the Duchess or my third group, My Glass Duchess Wish List. Not much
      e-mail activity in either of these groups; you can always elect
      the "no e-mail" option. I park a lot of photos and other images
      within both these groups.

      As for the Blanding genealogy, I noted an error in Curt's detailed
      information. Several children are listed as those of a first wife,
      who died in 1715, rather than the second. This includes the direct
      line of Don Blanding. Without my notes, I can't recall if it was one
      of the Noahs or one of the Josephs.

      Happy trails!

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