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2613Donna on Vagabond Trip

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  • donwen@aol.com
    Aug 20, 2001
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      Hi group and Cadia,
      I'm trying to figure out how to reply to the group again. I am confused -
      nothing new. If I hit the reply button I get the @yahoogroups.com address,
      yet it says at the top of the List message to Reply to the list at
      @.... Maybe the eGroups is from the old List??
      Also I tried to go to the Aloha Don Blanding site for the list and I'm
      not sure of the address. I went to your travels site Cadia -
      but it doesn't look like the old site from the List. Maybe it still doesn't
      recognize me as a member.
      I recently visited a distant Blanding cousin in New Jersey, and I was
      trying to show him the site. Guess I could get it from Google.com
      Now then, I DO like Don Blanding's voice and recording on the CD that
      I got from Keith. And Keith, please let me know how to get another one, I've
      forgotten the details and want to get another one as a gift. I play the CD
      in my Vagabond Van as I travel around the US.
      I have been "homeless" for over three months now, traveling around for
      a year or more until I finally retire back in Hawaii. I recently spent a
      couple weeks in Rehoboth, Massachusetts - site of the Blanding Library and
      home to the American Blandings since the late 1600's. I did a lot of
      Blanding genealogy. As I work my way to Pennsylvania I'll try to verify Don
      Blanding's roots as a descendant from Noah Blanding.
      My web site Vagabond Travel Journal is at
      and my Rehoboth visit is in the USA Tour - July 2001 page.
      Aloha from Morristown, heading back to New England..
      Donna Wendt donwen@...

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