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259[aloha-donblanding] Re: The Fire

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  • TJMarkle@cs.com
    Feb 3, 2000
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      Jerry, this is a great insight into DB, and coming from your mom that knew
      him, lends more credibility to the interpretation of his poetry and the
      importance of sequencing the small amount of personal information we have
      about him which might lead us to a better understanding of what he wrote. I
      think it is also important to review the other artistic talent he had and
      when certain aspects of it developed. He was multi-faceted, not just a poet.
      When did he start with Vernon Kilns, did he develop all of the ceramic
      designs himself? Why did he stop? Where did all of his art go? Who has it?
      Did his artwork influence his poetry or just the opposite? In some
      instances, did he see his poetry and first created it for visual effects or
      did he sit down at that ole' typewriter and bang away and then visualize the
      art? Why did he mainly go into black/white brush work and not color? I know
      he did some color but it is rarely discussed or mentioned. Was it not good?
      I understood he did a an early TV program, what was it? His radio
      chronicles are well known to us but I don't know the format. Was it just
      poetry readings or did he do commentary, interviews, etc?
      This is the part of Don Blanding we need to reveal. Keith, this is really
      your speciality. You have a talent that most of us don't possess (I, for
      one). For the past 3 years, I have been "collecting" various pieces of
      artwork, books with special phrases, letters, cards, etc.. My collection is
      small but growing. My goal was to bring DB to life as best I could as I
      thought it would make him appear more real to us. I also thought that
      whatever book came out about him, it could use pictures, images, letters from
      the real DB, not just interpretations of what we thought he was. Much of
      what I am presenting is presently revealing itself, though too slowly for me.
      I think that DB's life is one of interest, intrigue, humor, adventure (of
      sorts) and a real connection to each community that he resided in. Rarely,
      do we see one person that has such an effect in whatever community he resided
      in. He brought that community to life with his art, poetry and presence.
      That to me is the sign of truely influencial man. A loved personality at
      best. If he moved into my town today, he would be in the newpaper, on radio,
      the local lecture circuit and probably doing some fund raiser for me on the
      side.......enough....lots to accomplish here........off to work this
      morning...last note: When I phoned Carmel Library system of info on DB,
      there was not hesitation, they knew him and really got excited about the
      prospect of a book about him....."its about time, someone did a book on
      him",I was told. Here 50+ years later, he lives.....in Carmel...
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