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258[aloha-donblanding] Re: The Fire

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  • Gerald Argetsinger
    Feb 3, 2000
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      In 'A Talisman', from Today is Here (1946), Blanding mentions this "My
      House of Dreams had crashed about my ears and I had the added
      humiliation of knowing that I had largely provided my own earthquake.">>

      It's been very interesting following the developing conversation strands
      in the Blanding group!

      I think that one of the characterstics of great poetry is that it lends
      itself to a multitude of interpretations, becoming universal to its
      varied readers while standing the test of time. This groups' varied
      readings of DB's poetry demonstrates those qualities. I do not believe
      there can ever be "one true or correct reading" of any poem.

      Given all that -- my mother, who knew DB quite well from about 1939
      until his death, maintains that there is ALWAYS more to his poetry than
      meets the eye. She said that if you understood what was happening in
      his life, you could understand the underlying metaphorical meaning of
      many of the poems that seem quite "innocent" or "ordinary" on the

      My take on his "house of dreams crashing about his ears" is the death of
      Scotty and its aftermath -- marrying Dorothy, leaving Hawaii and moving
      to Florida. He had been riding a crest of fame and happiness and
      suddenly everything in his life fell apart. The marriage was a disaster
      and it took a long time, including the recovery time in Bend, Oregon,
      for him to really get back on his feet.

      But that's just my take -- I could be completely off the target.

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