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  • Clare Telford
    Aug 7, 2001
      I would hesitate at being negative in judging the
      Dunites and especially those who lived in the Oceano
      area of the Central California Coast. Indeed, the
      people were independent and some had mental or social
      maladjustments, but the free thinking and free living
      gave support to many ingenious uses of the rich dune
      environment where they lived in harmony with Mother
      Nature. It also gave rise to a settlement of
      intellectual curiosity and artistic endeavor.
      Chester Alan Arthur III was grandson of former
      president Chester Arthur who changed his name to
      Gavin. He came to the dunes and developed close
      relationship with several of the Dunites and later
      lived there and established a sort of center for
      intellectuals to come and go. It became a retreat of
      sorts where well known people in all fields of the
      arts visited and participated in lively discussions
      and presentations. Circa 1932, the area was dubbed
      "Moy Mell".
      Gavin Arthur developed there a community house and
      the motto of Moy Mell was "Individuality within
      Community". He published a magazine called "Dune
      Forum" which contained articles and letters and poetic
      works from famous people in the arts who shared the
      vision and were kindred seekers of Truth.
      More on this can be found in the book "The Dunites"
      by Norm Hammond.
      Also, there was an interesting segment on the
      Dunites of Oceano Dunes aired on PBS on California's
      Gold, with Huell Howser. I believe that the website
      for this is the same as the name of the program.

      --- Jakable@... wrote:
      > The Dunites were featured briefly in a Bay Area
      > Backroads TV show (a San
      > Francisco-based show) from several years back. They
      > were described as pretty
      > independent and not really a community. They seemed
      > to be a group of misfits
      > living in thrown together shacks in the dunes
      > without benefit of water,
      > electricity or other amenities. Their artist efforts
      > were, however,
      > recognized even though they have faded into
      > obscurity.
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