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2507Re: Canadian avenues

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  • Cadia Los
    Aug 5 10:48 PM
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      Michael and Ron....

      As most of the group knows, I do not have a shop at the Market. That
      is just my mailing address. However, Michael, I would enjoy meeting
      you in September. Since the 6th is a weekday, I'll be working but
      I'm sure we can schedule lunch or something. And Ron, if you get
      down this way, please let me know as well.

      As for time/date on e-mails, that is controlled by the sender. If a
      message is sent from the group website (as I generally do), the time
      is recorded as Pacific (Seattle) time regardless of the location of
      sender or recipient. In any case, the messages appear in the order
      received. Many group members do not receive individual e-mails so
      the time/date on the header is not important anyway.

      For my personal e-mail address, I frequently get responses to e-mails
      that appear to have been sent before I even send a message -- mainly
      because the sender has not set his/her e-mail system to local time.
      Sometimes even the year is wrong!

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