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2505Re: The Bird of Paradise myth

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  • tamsui1984@yahoo.com
    Aug 5, 2001
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      --- In aloha-donblanding@y..., keith2draw@h... wrote:
      > Ron,
      > You're very perceptive. Blanding was a bit of a showman, and I've
      > always felt he embellished his stories and experiences with little
      > white lies.
      > My best guess is Dec. 1916 because of his college
      > transcripts...but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. He could
      > have enrolled for the March 1916 classes, but left in the winter of
      > 1915 and never attended them.

      Keith... Bingo! You are absolutely right! He enrolled for the
      March 1916 classes in Chicago, but never attended.
      In a day or two I will fill you in on what he was really doing.
      I have to get into my research binders tonight and cross index a
      Cheers Ron Jack

      PS Keith and Cadio both. My Yahoo account is registered in Asia
      (although I am in greater Vancouver, B.C.)
      which is why the header shows Monday August 6, early a.m.
      If you care that your posts have the correst date and time,
      you cannot bounce my message back with annotations. You have
      to generate a new message. Sorry.
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