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2504Re: The Bird of Paradise myth

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  • keith2draw@home.com
    Aug 5, 2001

      You're very perceptive. Blanding was a bit of a showman, and I've
      always felt he embellished his stories and experiences with little
      white lies.

      The first time I can recollect him telling the 'Bird of Paradise'
      story is in the early thirties...which means his facts could have
      been fuzzy by then. For one thing, Lenore Ulrich made the role of
      Luana famous...but she was never performing that role during the time
      DB would have been in KC.

      As you can see, we're still not exactly sure when Blanding DID arrive
      in the islands. My best guess is Dec. 1916 because of his college
      transcripts...but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. He could
      have enrolled for the March 1916 classes, but left in the winter of
      1915 and never attended them.

      We may never know for sure. But I love a mystery...so the search goes

      ~~ Keith
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