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2503Re: Canadian avenues

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  • Cadia Los
    Aug 5, 2001

      My reference was to lecture tours in the 1950s. However, in the
      Files is a transcription of a 1931 article from the Honolulu Star-
      Bulletin that mentions DB was vacationing on one of the Thousand
      Islands in August 1931.

      Also in the Files is a Star-Bulletin profile of DB in conjunction
      with his beginning the "Vagabond's House" column in September 1953.
      One paragraph says:

      For 25 years with the World Celebrities Lecture Course on the
      "girdle-gobble-and-gabble" circuit, he has lectured in every State
      in the United States and much of Canada and England, always with the
      theme, "I Love Hawaii."

      DB's 1956-57 lecture tour included a stop in Calgary; I have a
      postcard that DB wrote on May 8, 1957. Other Canadian cities may
      have been part of his itinerary.

      So newspaper articles from almost any year between 1928 and 1957 are
      likely sources of information. If you have access to microfilm or
      bound copies of Canadian newspapers -- an index would help! -- then
      you may be able to locate material.

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