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2502The Bird of Paradise myth

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  • tamsui1984@yahoo.com
    Aug 5, 2001
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      --- In aloha-donblanding@y..., keith2draw@h... wrote:

      > We have no exact evidence, other than what Blanding has stated in
      > interviews and generic biographies.

      > According to Blanding's Chicago Art Institute transcripts, his last
      > class was mid-March of 1916...and apparently he saw the play 'Bird
      >of Paradise' in Kansas City around late November/early December, on
      > way back from Canada. So he may have been up north for as long as
      > eight months, working odd jobs.
      > We have no real evidence of this, and I wouldn't even know where to
      > start looking...perhaps in a Quebec newspaper...anyone speak french?

      Thanks Keith. Sorry for the basic questions. It's going to take
      me a few days to get up to speed with this group. I did read about
      fifty of the archived messages, but NO WAY do I have the time to
      read 2000 stored messages, much of which are sure to be repetitive.
      The basic "Netiquette" I have always practiced since learning
      to Web crawl in early 1996 is, read - think - and then contribute,
      lest I make an ass of myself.

      Another basic question then - one which seems to have preoccupied
      you for well over a year...
      Where did this "Bird of Paradise" anecdote get its start?
      I don't buy it. I think it's a myth. I have the two page
      bio of Blanding from CURRENT BIOGRAPHY (1957)p60 "In 1915 he saw
      the play THE BIRD OF PARADISE starring Lenore Ulric in Kansas City
      and was so entranced by the setting that within a week he was on his
      way to Hawaii." This was repeated in the NEW YORK TIMES obituary.
      How old is the anecdote? Where does it first appear, please?

      Cheers! Ron Jack in B.C.
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