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2500Canadian avenues

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  • tamsui1984@yahoo.com
    Aug 5, 2001
      --- In aloha-donblanding@y..., "Cadia Los" <duchess@s...> wrote:
      > Hello, Ron....and welcome!
      > Mice to have another Canadian member of the group (the only other
      > I hope you've also had a chance to look at the material in the
      > Files.

      Thanks Cadio. I recognize that you were the pioneer of this
      Blanding reearch circle, but you lit the fuze of a Keith's
      rocket, and have assembled a cast of Baker Street type sleuths.
      I was actually down to Seattle on July 22, and checked out several
      of the shops in Pike Place Market. I may have even eyeballed you,
      but now that we are acquainted and I will seek you out next time.
      Your website was the first I checked out. Then I jumped to Keith's.

      Yes I will certainly help the group solve a mystery or two. First
      I have to figure out how I can be useful. I have some background
      in history and biography, so I can contribute. The approach of this
      mailgroup seems to be to generate clues, ideas etc, and correct the
      errors as the research leads pay off or dry up. The bonus is that it
      also promotes an interest in Don Blanding's art and poetry. As dear
      Martha says ... "That's a good thing!"

      > By the way, we do know that DB's lecture tours included Canada. Any
      > help you'd care to give in finding more material. . . .
      > ~~Cadia

      I was just looking at Keith's Timeline. He says:
      "1916 - 00/00 Travels up to Nova Scotia"
      and then in a Dec. 30, 2000 contribution to the Society mail list:
      "1913-1916 Addresses - Quebec & Nova Scotia, Canada"

      What is the published or ephemera evidence you both base this on?
      Best Wishes ! I am going to enjoy contributing to this group I think.
      Ron in British Columbia
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