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  • tamsui1984@yahoo.com
    Aug 4, 2001
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      Good afternoon folks. I spent 2 1/2 hours on
      Friday reading the archived posts. Well actually
      I managed to read perhaps thirty messages which
      had intriguing headers.
      The previous night I spent a couple of hours enjoying
      Cadia and Keith's websites. Whew!! A lot of reading,
      but oooooh that delicious Blanding art.

      I must say you are all doing very well with the research.
      It is quite clear that this whole process of team-detective
      work, via the Internet, is going to create a whole new
      following and appreciation for Blanding's work.

      I really can't say why the work attracts me. It just does.
      As I kid I was a big fan of Virgil Finlay, the Science Fiction
      illustrator. I still am. His technique for putting black ink
      on the panel is different than Blanding's, but it strikes the
      same chord with me.

      The first book I picked up was MEMORY ROOM, but I believe
      D.B. was already known to me through my research. I would have
      to back paddle through the reearch to find when, but I think
      it relates to bio-files for people in the Carmel / Oceano area.
      Not important.

      I have a few questions, if I might. Anyone who cares to comment
      would be welcome.
      -Did D.B. ever explain clearly why he suddenly abandoned his
      friendship network and professional contacts, to travel half
      way around the world to the islands? What was the primary
      Most of his work is illustration - books and commercial design.
      What percentage of his work was for the gallery? There are
      pastel portraits. He did wall panels. Has anyone made a catalog
      of the full range of his work? What are the highest prices
      realized to date? I'm not being mercenary here - but this is
      a "collector" mailgroup?
      Cheers. Ron in British Columbia
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