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2486Re: No Strings

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  • cholyday@iinet.net.au
    Aug 2 7:01 AM
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      Thanks all re DB's favourite books. I have Emerson in common,
      my "Riverside Edition" of his complete works is my oldest book,
      around 1890. It's a Bradbury Agnew and Co print, London. I can see
      the influences .........
      I am not wiser for my age
      Nor skilful by my grief
      Life loiters at the book's first page
      Ah! could we turn the leaf?

      And what about Mark Twain - another drifter surely?
      Any other known influences?

      Thanks again folks
      P.S. - I am still looking for a cheap "Drifter's Gold" - anyone got a
      cheap one for sale, or can point me to a reliable seller?
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